Breaking Through

Near a remote mountain lake, the sun breaks through storm clouds that roll over the glacial landforms. Sunlight peers through the trees in the lower right while a deer approaches the water’s edge in the lower left. Trees climb and cling to the mountainside and fade to a cool valley beyond. The coloration gives a sense of the cold mountain air that white birds float upon around a waterfall that feeds the lake in the forefront.

Mountain Storm

A storm rolls over low mountains that stand guard around a calm lake. White snowcaps peer through the violet distance and atmosphere. A warm sunlit glow breaks through the clouds and casts a lightness against the tree lined coast. A small island growth floats into the lake while rain falls over the distant forest.

Great Plains

Inspired by the stylistic painting of Hudson River School master Albert Bierstadt, Great Plains uses some of the school’s techniques to create a sense of depth and vibrancy. Bierstadt often paints a darker foreground along with darker colors along the upper portions of the paintings which draws the viewer’s attention inward. A golden-hour palette sets the scene while giving way to muted colors as the objects recede into the distance. A bluish-gray tone begins to take over, ultimately cooling the perception of objects further away from the viewer.

Among the Aspens

A mule deer blends into the autumn foliage with its dusky faded appearance. Stark white aspens spring up in a dense forest that fades away. Crimson, ochre, burnt orange, olive green, and fading yellow sprinkle the forest floor that gives way to a fractured surface. Leaves collect in the water-carved recess in the forefront of the landscape.

Boreal Bull

In the towering boreal forests of the far north, a bull moose walks along the lichen covered ground. Sprigs of fireweed sprinkle the landscape along with the reddish-yellow remnants of aspen saplings. The lodgepole pines that grow to extreme heights become brittle and fall to a rest on the forest floor below.

Golden Hour Gathering

Two bald eagles glide into a sunlight valley. A small mountain lake reflects from its nestled location among vast rolling forests. The golden hour light casts shadows over the distant mountains and peers through a cooling haze. The warm light bounces from nearby trees as the eagles land in the last daylight hours of the valley.

Evening Rut

A buck runs through the timber as a setting sun burns a pastel red on a fall sky. The timber floor has retreated to winter hibernation as the foliage goldens and leaves turn crimson. Trees rest in their final resting place as others shiver above without their drapery of leaves.

Glacial Waters

A bull elk wades into the crystal blue glacial waters of Alberta, Canada’s Banff National Park. The park’s Lake Louise served as inspiration with its vibrant and nutrient rich water as snow melts atop nearby glaciers.

Morning Strut

A wild turkey struts in an early morning field as a rivalry gobbles in the distance while another crests the hill. The sun peers through the tree line and fades to the fading morning haze beyond. A fiery sunrise melts into streaming pastel clouds above.

Mountain Monarch

The mountain monarch towers over his rocky fortress. Millenia of molten rock, weathered against rain, snow, and wind create a jagged landscape few can traverse as easily as the monarch. Snow capped mountains continue into the distance set against a pale blue sky. The gradation of the metamorphic rock darkens in the foreground and fades with distance. Near his feet, the texture and true color of the rocks can be witnessed as veins of red and grey flow through the rock.

Prairie King

Set among the rolling Flint Hills, the Prairie King leads a bison herd against a blue sky and distant spring storm. The Flint Hills is home to the largest remaining tallgrass prairie in the world, and it provides for spectacular views reaching far into the distance.

Resting Rock

A bighorn sheep blends into its surroundings for a moment of respite. The warm tones of late summer grasses recede into the distance as spruce trees scatter the horizon. Orange, yellow, and red Blanket Flowers are naturally drought resistant and often find themselves dotting rocky terrains.

Snowy Reign

Reindeer reigning over the wintry tundra on a snowy day. Distant mountains draped with light that seemingly peeks through the clouds. Lichen and moss cover the rocky landscape with the occasional shrubbery breaking the velvety vegetation. The thick hide of the reindeer allows them to graze unencumbered by the coldness that surrounds them. The silence of the falling snow, the softness of the ground cover leaves the scene void of noise except for distant winds that howl through the mountains.

Jaxon’s Otters

Two river otters sit perched on a rock seemingly distracted at something out of view. Murky greenish-blue water ripples into the distance beyond. The artist’s nephew, Jaxon, is fascinated by otters, and asked his uncle to create an otter picture making this his first request at a commissioned piece.